Apex srl Scientific and Industrial equipment maintenance

You cannot sell things you would not buy yourself.
Victor Kiam-Remington Products Inc.; Going for it,1986

Technical Assistance   Software
We install and repair scientific and electronic apparatuses both in Italy and in foreign countries.
Our operative main area is the North of Italy, an area we can cover easily thanks to ours technicians based in Milan and Padua.
We furnish that concerns the technical assistance and the maintenance, starting from the individual services on call, to the full service maintenance contracts or to the customized training courses.
If you need to solve technical problems on your instruments, please call our
Help Desk number 0335/5895103 where a qualified person will answer you immediately.

Remote Control
The Remote Control connection is a modem remote link, where the keyboard and the monitor of the PC which controls your instrument or plant, are "duplicates" on our PC.
So we'll control your istruments directly from our laboratory and we'll execute all the necessary operations in order to diagnose a breakdown or a malfunction.

We realize multimedia products on your request.
We are specialized in technical/scientific productions devoted to the training of the operators and technicians, to the technological products presentation and maintenance support.

  Gas pipes
We realize installations for technical gases and compressed air distribution inside the laboratories.
The service is highly customized and our proposals will respond suitably to your technical and economic needs.

Web sites
We realize, service and translate in italian language, the web sites.

For additional information please contact:

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