Apex srl Scientific and Industrial equipment maintenance

Technical assistance department

Our techinical assistance structure has three senior service engineers very unified, all decennial experience and with a high interchangeability.
Another person take charge of the administrative management full time.
Every service engineer has a PC, modem, fax, e-mail, and a mobile telephone that allow him to be constantly in touch with the office and the customers, and has the necessary documentation in order to carry out the work.
Thanks to the proper dislocation of the service engineers in Milan and Padua, we cover easily the whole Nord Italy.

Our vocational training and our knowledge concerns analog and digital electronics, computers, optics, radio frequency, sensors, software, temperature, vacuum and regulations.
We possess specific knowledge, in the field of analitycal chemistry, clinical chemistry, graphic and industry as a result of years of work.

For a firm that works in technologically advanced fields to keep the service engineers up to date is a part of the daily work.
We care a lot about our training and our constant professional updating thanks to courses, books, handbooks, magazines, service notes and data books.

Every service engineer has a tools kit that include oscilloscope, lap top PC and diagnostic software.
In the laboratory there are, among the others, equipment such as vacuum bench, signal generator, jig tests, logic analyser, meggers, vacuum meters, serial line analyser, data stations and IC testers.
We are constantly integrating the equipment already in use with others thought necessary for new works and activities.

A suitable wharehouse is necessary in order to run efficaciously a maintenance service.
We have original spares both as deposit and of our property. We have a lot of components that are necessary for repairing the printed circuit boards and equipments.

Service calls management
When we receive a telephone call, it starts a process that includes call recording, diagnosis, immediate help to the customer and finally the instrument repair.
The whole process is kept under control in order to guarantee the response time fit to the customers' needs.

In order to try to improve more and more our maintenance service and the management, we measure out our performances by checking some parameters such as the response time, repeated calls, first time effectiveness and much else.
These internal statistics allow us to locate the points on which it is good to operate in order to make our technical assistance more and more effective.

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